York Women’s Counselling

York Women’s Counselling has been running for more than 30 years, offering counselling and one-to-one support for women in and around the York area.  It helps women with a wide range of issues, including eating disorders, mental health problems, childhood abuse, domestic abuse and trauma.  Volunteer counsellors provide long-term support with regular reviews and progress-checks.  Counselling helps improve wellbeing and mental health, and helps women feel more confident and more in control of their lives and circumstances. During 2020, some of the charity’s work has moved to online support during COVID restrictions.

A grant of £4,300 has been agreed for York Women’s Counselling in October 2020.  This is specifically towards costs of running a series of courses aimed at women who are on the current waiting list, and those who may benefit as much from group therapy as from one-to-one therapy.  The courses will offer group therapy, providing professional support for women who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, abuse.  Upto 30 women will benefit over the year.  Groups are designed to give women the support and space to explore their feelings, help them develop coping strategies, confidence and improve their resilience.