Asylum Seekers and Refugees

We fund work with refugees, asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers, including those held in detention.  

In recent years the Foundation has funded an average of 21 grants to a total value of £138,000 each year.

The Foundation is interested in funding work that promotes the inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees, and helps with their integration and settling into life in the UK.

We fund organisations that work with asylum seekers and refugees regardless of where they originate from – we do not fund refugee community organisations (that work with single nationalities).  Our focus is more on people in the asylum system (ie currently seeking asylum in the UK) or refugees who have been through the asylum system, rather than via resettlement schemes.   

We aim to assist with the provision of relevant advice, information or advocacy; with social or therapeutic activities aimed at lessening isolation; and work to help change public attitudes or policy in relation to immigration issues.  We also fund practical and emotional support; English classes; destitution support; hosting/accommodation projects; and drop-in costs.

These are only some of the areas we might fund – please contact us if you are unsure about applying.

If you have any queries or need further clarification on eligibility, please contact  

See below for some cases studies of a selection of the more recent grants we have made.

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