Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us here.

No. We only make grants to charitable organisations or voluntary groups.

Our Young People funding programme is aimed at supporting children and young people from the ages of around 12-21 from a range of backgrounds.  Please see the information here – Young People’s Programme.  For further clarification or to discuss this programme please contact Tim Cutts.

The other six funding programmes are all adult-focussed and are not aimed at supporting work with children or young people.

You can apply anytime.  We will come back to you within a couple of weeks with our initial thoughts.

The June 2024 meeting is now CLOSED for new applications.

The next meeting an application could be considered at is in October 2024.

All applications received now, until early August, are likely to be considered in the round leading up-to the Trustees’ meeting in October.

Please apply as soon as you are ready – don’t leave it to the last minute!   

We process applications all the time and would appreciate it if you are able to apply well before the deadline.  

If your work focuses on a specific group of people other than the seven funding programmes we mention, we are unlikely to fund you.

If your work does not directly benefit our funding programmes, but you believe your work to be an unpopular cause, both in society generally, and with other funders, please email the Foundation for clarification on whether it may be something we could consider.  

If your organisation is much larger than the size of organisation we would normally fund, we are unlikely to fund you.  Please email for clarification if you have doubts, or are unsure.

If your organisation works solely to benefit people within Greater London, then we will not be able to help.  If your work benefits people across a much wider area, then it may be something we could consider.  Please email for clarification if you are unsure.

No. We only make grants for work in the UK.

You could apply for funding, but only for work which specifically benefits one of our funding programmes – ie, a project working directly to benefit one of the seven beneficiary groups we focus on. 

Yes.  Just tell us the date you were established, and give a summary of your income and expenditure to date.

In January 2019 we moved towards online applications.  If you are unable to access this please contact us. 

If you are unsure please contact us – see our contacts page for details.

Please contact us (see details on the contacts page) for assistance.

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Please note that we are unfortunately unable to retrieve any lost links or see any information before you have submitted the form, so please ensure the email address you input is correct.

If you return to your form and input further data, you must save again and get a new link sent to you in order to retain the latest information you have entered.

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Please contact the relevant programme manager, or contact Gill for assistance

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