Applying For Funding

We use an online application system that is accessible via an eligibility questionnaire.



Please see our funding criteria and check that your work aligns with our aims.


When you have read our criteria and are ready to apply, click here to access our eligibility questionnaire.


Have a look at programme categories we DO NOT fund and check your eligibility.


Please check eligibility, and the guidance within the particular funding programme your work fits, before applying.

We use an online application system. To access our online application form we ask that you complete an eligibility questionnaire first.

If your answers to the quiz confirm you are eligible to apply, you will be directed to our application form.

If you are unable to use this or have problems accessing the forms, please email:

If you have any queries about making an application you are encouraged to email us for clarification.

When we have received your application we will be in touch (usually within two weeks) to either:

  • Ask for any further information
  • Tell you if your application will be put forward to the next stage of assessment and give a timetable for a final decision
  • Tell you that we cannot help

Processing an application and making a grant usually takes between two and six months.

If further information is needed this will be requested and a visit may be arranged where the application can be discussed in more detail. Our Trustees meet to discuss grant applications three times a year, generally in February, June and October.

You can apply anytime – we process applications all through the year, and will come back to you within a couple of weeks with our initial thoughts.

The June 2024 meeting is now CLOSED for new applications.

The next meeting an application could be considered at is in October 2024. 

All applications received now, until early August, are likely to be considered in the round leading up-to the Trustees’ meeting in October.

Please apply as soon as you are ready – don’t leave it to the last minute!

We process applications all the time – and would appreciate it if you are able to apply well before the deadline.

Please read through all the sections in this part of the website and make sure you are eligible to apply.

Your work will need to meet our aims, and specifically fit one of the seven funding programmes we run.

Check carefully that your organisation fits our criteria, and that your work does not come within the list of exclusions.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries, or specific questions about applying.

For enquiries relating to:

  • Offenders and ex-offenders
  • Older people
  • Young People programme

Please email

For enquiries relating to:

  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities
  • People with mental health issues
  • People experiencing violence or abuse

Please email

For any other general enquiries, please email, or phone 01904 613223.

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