Hartlepool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group

This Group is run by volunteers and exists to provide help and support to refugees and people seeking asylum in the town of Hartlepool.  It runs a weekly drop-in support service at a church hall offering advice, friendship and a safe place to meet, with up-to 60 people attending.  Other organisations that are based out of town regularly come along to the drop-in to deliver their services to attendees – such as the Red Cross, Justice First and Open Doors.   The drop-in also includes an English class, activities and there are donated clothes, food, and household items available for those in need.  The groups additional activities include organising an Easter party and Christmas party which is always well received by children and families, delivering sports activities during the summer holidays in a local park and each year they also plan and deliver a Diversity Celebration event, which brings together families, voluntary organisations, statutory partners and invited dignitaries.  The event brings many people together, breaking down barriers and promoting cohesion.

In October 2020, the Foundation offered a grant of £1,500 towards this Group’s general running costs.  Outcomes from the work include increased access to advice and support for individuals, and reduced isolation.