People affected by Violence or Abuse

The Foundation funds work aiming to support people who are, or have in the past been, affected by violence or abuse.

In recent years we have funded an average of 15 grants in this programme each year, to a total value of around £90,000-£100,000 per annum.

Within this category, the Foundation aims to fund a range of projects and activities.  We support projects aimed at education and the prevention of abuse, and the provision of practical alternatives to violence and conflict resolution.

We fund work that supports the victims of abuse, (both men and women), including therapeutic and emotional support, practical help including advice and support services, recovery programmes, support groups and drop-ins.  (We do not, however, fund the direct costs of one-to-one counselling.)

Grants have been made to projects supporting people affected by rape and sexual abuse, domestic abuse, stalking, trafficking, prostitution and modern slavery, honour-based abuse, female genital mutilation, and forced marriage. We also fund work with perpetrators aiming to lessen isolation and prevent the risk of further abuse.

This list is not exhaustive – please contact the Foundation if you need help with applying or for further clarification.

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See below for some cases studies of a selection of the more recent grants we have made.

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