Young People’s Programme

The Foundation is keen to support young people who are facing difficult challenges and barriers to accessing support and opportunities.

Funding work to benefit children and young people aged 12-21 who are vulnerable, socially excluded or marginalised.

Recent updates to the guidance in this programme, are that the Foundation aims to focus on those children who are considered persistently absent from school, those leaving school with no qualifications, and children and young people in/leaving care.

We aim to support work to help young people who are experiencing or may have already suffered significant issues within their lives and who may ‘fall through the cracks’ without targetted support.  The priority is on those aged 12-21 who are vulnerable, socially excluded or marginalised; whose experiences can be hidden or less well known; and whose voices are often erased or ignored.

This may, for example, include pro-active youth clubs, activities for disaffected young people, or employment opportunities or experience which help young people to find structure.  Also organisations that focus their work on: young people within the criminal justice system or those at risk of offending; looked after children or care leavers; those with significant mental health concerns or complex needs; young people who have been traumatised by challenging family backgrounds, neglect, violence or abuse; those that have fallen through the gaps in care and/or education; those already affected by, or vulnerable to, exploitation; or whose experiences could seriously impact their transition into adulthood.

We do not aim to target funding at work that takes place in schools.

This is not an exhaustive list and the Foundation will be happy to advise or discuss potential applications.

The Foundation is not looking to fund general youth provision due to the limitation of available resource, but will consider both core or project funding of organisations whose work aligns with the aim of the programme.

Our normal criteria and range of grant size remain applicable.

A small number of grants have already been awarded to work with young people including the funding of a crisis drop-in for young people who have been sexually abused in Dundee; a young parents project in Bolton; funding for a youth worker to support teenagers with autism in Northern Ireland; a drama and arts project aimed at young people with a history of offending in Jaywick, Essex.

If you have any queries or need further clarification on eligibility, please contact  

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