Parental Education Growth Support

Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS) is a relatively new organisation that works from Shrewsbury. It aims to provide therapeutic, practical and emotional support, and run effective programmes and training that raise awareness and understanding about child to parent abuse. PEGS offers one-to-one emotional and practical support to parents, carers and guardians who are living with children who display abusive, violent, or out-of-control behaviours. It runs an online weekly drop-in, and training for professionals on child to parent abuse. The organisation has completed facilitator programme training for the ‘Who’s in Charge’ programme and so far has delivered four courses that have been well received.

At the Foundation’s October 2020 meeting, Trustees confirmed a grant offer of £5,000. This will contribute towards the general running costs of PEGS. The organisation has supported more than 200 families this year, and anticipates numbers to increase quickly as the effects of the lockdown and COVID restrictions are played out.