We are Aware

We are Aware works across North Somerset from its base in Clevedon. It was set up to raise awareness and provide support around people’s mental health.  The work supports around 80 people overall, through various groups, one-off sessions, activities and trips. These include regular ‘walk & talks’ running in four different towns, ‘thinking out loud’ peer support and discussion groups, a twice-monthly book club, fortnightly yoga sessions and social cycling trips.

In February 2024, the Foundation has offered a grant that will contribute towards a new creative session that will be offered monthly.  The project will explore journalling, creative self-expression and language generally.  Individuals will be encouraged to use writing as a therapeutic tool to express emotions, experiences etc in a supported and safe environment.  Benefits and anticipated outcomes are likely to be that attendees will build confidence with writing and develop self-expression, and that the project will form a therapeutic addition to their recovery journey.