Watford & Three Rivers Refugee Partnership

This charity works to support refugees and asylum seekers across the Watford and Three Rivers area in the south west of Hertfordshire. It offers befriending and advocacy, helping people to navigate complicated UK systems and providing opportunities to access education and find legal employment. It helps individuals with any resettlement issues, and raises awareness of the challenges refugees and asylum seekers face, which helps to improve understanding and tolerance in the local community. ESOL classes are run, also fortnightly drop-ins, a weekly social hub, support with food parcels, clothing, laptops, school uniforms, etc and some social activities.

The Allen Lane Foundation agreed funding to contribute to the salary of a caseworker post – this was a grant totalling £9,000 to be split over two years from October 2022. The role will involve managing the more complex cases as well as managing the group of volunteers who carry out befriending and casework currently for clients. It is anticipated that the new position will result in a more effective, reliable and consistent source of support for refugees and asylum seekers.