The REIGN Collective CIC

This organisation works to promote and strengthen the voices of survivors of childhood sexual exploitation and abuse (CSE/A), dismantle stereotypes and stigma, and challenge the oppressive structures that allow abuse to thrive. It does this through delivering survivor-led training and consultancy to practitioners and organisations and engaging in activism. REIGN is based in Manchester but works UK wide. It provides skills development, employment, and peer support for survivors of CSE/A and focuses on collective self-empowerment. Eight members are trained to deliver training workshops and consultancy informed by their own lived experiences.

The Allen Lane Foundation agreed a grant of £4,500 to The REIGN Collective in October 2022. The grant will support salary costs at the organisation to allow for additional paid hours. Over the period, the anticipated outcomes include: improved service provision for victims of CSE/A; empowerment and increased self-confidence and skills development for survivors; and increased reach through more workshops and projects.