The Recruitment Junction

This charitable organisation effectively operates as a social recruitment agency for people with convictions. It was established in mid-2020 and is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Its overall aim ‘to see people with convictions re-discover as sense of purpose through work, and become role models who drive positive generational impact across their families’. The Recruitment Junction offers support and mentoring to individuals to help them re-work their CVs, practise interview skills etc, and become more job-ready. It provides both one-to-one support and guidance as well as group sessions. It also works with potential employers – in terms of job brokerage as well as advocacy, and also to understand any implications a risks involved when considering an individual’s criminal record.

At the June 2021 meeting, Allen Lane Trustees agreed a grant totalling £8,000, to be split equally in two instalments in 2021 and 2022. The funding is a contribution towards the salary costs of a recruitment consultant. The organisation aims to increase the number of people it can help and cover a wider area with this new post. In its first year it has worked with 200 people and placed 85 into paid employment.