Talk ED is the rebranded charity Anorexia and Bulimia Care that has been in existence since 1989.  It was founded by families with lived experience of eating disorders to provide recovery-focussed support, both to people affected by eating disorders themselves, and their families and friends.  Core services are delivered online and via telephone.  Talk ED also has a useful website and resources that provide relevant information, as well as personal stories of recovery that are designed to raise awareness and give hope to people looking for help.  One-to-one support is available, through appointment-based calls, and also group support offered online.

At the June 2022 meeting, Allen Lane Foundation Trustees offered funding of £12,000 towards the charity’s core running costs.  As a national organisation it deals with many thousands of calls, emails and requests for support each year.  People benefitting report feeling understood, supported and empowered, and the charity also helps carers to be better informed and equipped to support their loved one.