Runforever is a non-profit community organisation, set up in Aberdeenshire in March 2023. It seeks to address issues of re-offending and stigma in prison environments and aims to reorientate mainstream goal-oriented rehabilitation programmes towards a practice of freedom and equality. The group promotes a running club as a bridge between the prison and the community that follows pilot schemes overseas and in HMP Grampian at Peterhead in Scotland.  The running club welcomes runners from inside and outside prison, enabling the formation of a community of support and breaking down walls between offenders and the local community.

The project also works with the Media Unit in the prison, and runs a radio show – Runningstories – that gives voice to the stories of the prisoners and non-prisoners that take part, showcasing the positive impact on their health and wellbeing that the project is having. With the same aim of co-creating new forms of value from the inside, it uses the photovoice method in collaboration with RGU University, for capturing runners’ experience of the running club through photos and words.

Runforever applied for funding from Allen Lane at the October 2023 meeting, and received a grant of £3,000.  The funding is towards developing the project and its ongoing costs. Outcomes from the work include improving trust and collaboration between the prison and community, and improving health and wellbeing of prisoners including the quality of their social relationships.