My Home Life Essex Community Association

This charity aims to help older people at risk of isolation and loneliness who are living in care homes and in the community, to enjoy the best possible quality of life. It does this though meaningful engagement and activities with their local communities.  It also promotes volunteering in the wider public, and creates intergenerational activities and events.  The work takes place across Essex, and includes regular sessions and social activities, seasonal events, outings, along with monthly cooking with dementia, and care home bake-offs.  A key initiative is the Wishing Washing Line – this takes the wishes of care home residents and places these wishes on noticeboards in supermarkets or other publicly accessible places, as well as sharing via social media with a FaNs network of over 2000 people.  Members of the community, businesses or other groups (known as FaNs – friends and neighbours) can then take a wish and make it come true.  Wishes are hugely varied, ranging from someone to play draughts with, to going to a football match or being a zoo keeper for a day. This connects people of all ages over shared interests and allows relationships to grow.

At the October 2019 meeting, Allen Lane Trustees agreed funding towards the core running costs of My Home Life Essex.  A grant of £10,000 was made.  Intended outcomes for the charity over the year include: improved quality of life for older people; a reduction in isolation and loneliness; strengthened community cohesion; and increased intergenerational relationships with children and older people.