Mind in West Cumbria

Mind in West Cumbria works across the boroughs of Copeland and Allerdale and offers a range of services for people with mental health issues.  It runs drop-ins in a number of different towns and villages across the area, and also offers one-to-one support, counselling, volunteering opportunities, employment assistance, and family support work.  The charity offers help for those in crisis, and also on a longer-term basis and helps members to “develop and grow”.  It has around 300 members and overall aims to assist in increasing their social engagement and improving their wellbeing and resilience.

At the February 2018 meeting, the Foundation awarded funding totalling £9,000 over a three-year period.  The grant is towards the core costs of the charity – contributing towards rent, insurance and overheads – and aims to offer some continuity and a sound base from which to operate.