Jubilee + was formed to “provide leadership, training and resources to inspire and enable the church to address social exclusion issues and impacts”.  Its work is national, and includes producing research and reports on particular topics, delivering training, and addressing issues around inequality and poverty.

At the October 2019 meeting, the Foundation awarded a grant totalling £7,000 towards a specific project titled ‘the Refugee Resource Centre for Churches’.  This project has been established to fill the gap in information and support for churches wanting to reach out to refugees and asylum seekers.  It provides useful resources, ‘How to’ guides, news updates, mapping of local projects and helps build the capacity of churches.  Plans for the coming year include working with refugee organisations to develop and run regional conferences that will garner support; strengthening established partnerships and growing new projects; and the creation of a strong alliance of church networks that actively reach out to refugees and asylum seekers.