Integrate Scotland

Integrate Scotland works with offenders and ex-offenders with the overall aim of reducing re-offending and bringing about sustained lasting changes to people’s lives. Based in Aberdeen, it provides support to individuals both within the local community, and also to those held in HMP Grampian. The Community Chaplaincy Service helps people with a variety of assistance including mentoring, advocacy, and practical help.

The Foundation has offered funding over a two-year period towards the salary costs of a newly created part-time Community Chaplain. This position will provide 15 hours a week of support, including delivery of Restorative Justice courses within the prison, and will support the senior Community Chaplain’s role. Outcomes anticipated from the work include improved confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing of prisoners and ex-offenders; prisoners will experience and demonstrate positive attitudinal change relating to their offending; and that ex-offenders will take part in, and integrate with the community. The grant totalled £10,000 over two years, and has been offered from February 2018.