HUMEN was established three years ago with the aim of preventing men from suffering in silence and dying too young. It’s work is preventative – encouraging young men to put the same amount of effort into maintaining and improving their mental health as many do to their physical health by exercising and going to the gym.  It calls this The HUMEN Space: The Gym for Your Mind’. The work includes establishing and facilitating group meetings across different parts of the UK, where men come to talk, listen, and connect with others. During part of 2020 under COVID lockdown restrictions, groups have been meeting in The HUMEN Space Online. Around 2,000 men overall benefitted in that year alone.

At the Trustee meeting in October 2020 a grant of £4,000 per annum was agreed for a two-year period. This funding will contribute towards the costs of running group meetings for men in Manchester and Cardiff, each benefitting 20-25 men a week. Groups offer ongoing and practical support, and overall aim to improve and maintain better mental health and wellbeing.