Foundations 2 Change

Foundations 2 Change has the overall aim ‘to show men that a successful life outside of prison is possible’. It was founded by people who had been through the criminal justice themselves, and recognised that there were different ways to help people reintegrate back into society after being imprisoned. Much of its work is with repeat offenders, tackling the underlying issues that are the root cause of their offending behaviour. Foundations 2 Change works within the prison, delivering courses and rehabilitation workshops, and then helps the men as they come out of prison, meeting them at the gate, helping with accommodation, finding support and helping them make a new start.

Allen Lane has made a grant totalling £6,000 split equally over two years. The funding will help Foundations 2 Change to support men as they move back in the community. The organisation will help with setting up welfare benefits, bank accounts and other appointments, and introduce them to positive support networks that will aid their successful journey to recovery. Outcomes from the work are that on release the men will be supported into stable accommodation or rehabilitation; they will leave prison with the tools and confidence to live successfully; and that at least ten men will remain free of reoffending for at least 12 months after their release.