Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative

Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative works to address the issues faced by people who are socially excluded and disadvantaged within Fermanagh and bordering counties in Northern Ireland.  It offers training and opportunities to people five days a week from its offices and base in Enniskillen. Core activities are around employability, with IT training, personal development and a range of short courses on offer – such as Health & Safety, Manual Handling, First Aid etc.  In more recent years it has offered craft activities and introduced a Men’s Shed Project too.

At the June 2022 meeting, the Allen Lane Foundation agreed a grant of £5,965.  This covers the shortfall in the budget of a digital skills project for older people that Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative is running.  The project will benefit around 45 people, and aims to improve their knowledge and skills in using technology, either through a computer, smart phone or other device.  It will help older people to access important services online such as booking vaccinations appointments etc, and improve online safety through better understanding of scams or fraud.