Eating Distress North East

Eating Distress North East works to support anyone affected by eating distress – a term used to include people with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia for instance, and all those with anxieties around, or difficult relationships with, food and eating. Based in central Newcastle, it’s services are open to anyone from Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham. It aims to provide high quality services to individuals and their family members/carers, and to facilitate understanding and early identification. It offers one-to-one support as well as counselling; fortnightly health and wellbeing workshops; a monthly friends and family support group; mindfulness courses; training courses for carers; and provides training and educational talks in schools, colleges and workplaces to raise awareness and upskill others. Around 3,000 people benefit per annum.

At the October 2021 Trustee meeting, a two-year grant of £5,000pa was agreed for Eating Distress North East. The grant will contribute towards general running costs of the charity. Expected outcomes are that: the charity will ensure early help and intervention for individuals, and achieve better understanding of and improved mental health; it will help people develop coping strategies and help them move on with their lives from a critical time; and that individuals will have reduced loneliness and social isolation as a result of the charity’s support.