Criminal Justice Alliance

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA) is a membership coalition currently working with 120 organisations from across the country, up from 70 two years ago. A registered charity founded in 2007, it campaigns for ways of diverting people from crime, delivering fairer justice, reducing reliance on imprisonment and improving rehabilitation. In consultation with its members, it aims to intervene pragmatically, and brings the weight of views from member organisations employing over 12,000 people between them. Two specific current workstreams are ending unfair use of stop-and-search and securing a right to restorative justice.

Allen Lane has offered a grant of £10,000 to the CJA towards its general running costs. Outcomes anticipated include expanding the membership and making considerable impact through the two strands of campaigning work. The Foundation has funded the CJA with a number of grants in recent years and is very supportive of its work.