Centre for Peaceful Solutions

This charity works nationally to develop projects which focus on building and restoring relationships, community and family mediation, restorative justice, resolving conflict and improved communications. It has instigated large-scale and local projects working in various settings, including in schools, healthcare, local communities, and within the criminal justice system using a unique communications framework it has developed called the Dialogue Road Map.

£14,912 has been awarded from the Foundation to the Centre for Peaceful Solutions in October 2016. This grant is towards a scoping project at HMP Dartmoor, which will focus on a baseline study of the prison’s current approach to dialogue, conflict, violence and restorative approaches. A detailed report will assist the Centre for Peaceful Solutions to work with the Prison in applying restorative justice principles across the whole prison community, establishing the pioneering demonstrator project ‘The Restorative Prison’. The ultimate aim is to reduce the re-offending rates of prisoners through the provision of practical communication and life-skills.