Bugle Library of Things

Bugle Library of Things is a community interest company that was set up to provide a local community resource.  Bugle is a small village in mid-Cornwall, just north of St Austell.  The organisation runs a community share shop which has food, clothing, toys, books and household goods etc free for people who need them. It operates hub sessions where people can come for refreshments, activities and signposting services.

The organisation applied to Allen Lane for funding to further engage with the local population of people living on Minorca Lane – an area just outside the village that includes numbers of Irish Travellers, Gypsies, people who have migrated to the UK including Roma communities, and Cornish people who have been housed there.  At the June 2023 meeting, trustees agreed funding of £xx that will go towards the ‘Community Inclusion Project’.  A mobile hub travels weekly onto the Lane where people can access support and information as well as accessing other services etc.  The project also works to actively bring people from the Lane and the village together and reduce isolation and increase community cohesion.