Brighton Yoga Foundation

Brighton Yoga Foundation’s primary focus is ‘to bring the scientifically proven physical, mental and social benefits of yoga to those who for whatever reason do not have access to it or think that it’s not for them’. The charity provides a wide range of therapeutic yoga programmes and outreach work to the local communities, with client groups including people with physical and mental health issues, elderly people, people affected by trauma, homeless people, women escaping abusive relationships, and vulnerable adults.

At the October 2022 meeting, Allen Lane Foundation trustees agreed a grant of £4,020. This is to fund a project working with in-patients at Mill View Hospital, a mental health hospital in Brighton. This follows a pilot programme that was very well received with reports from patients that their anxiety and depression levels had improved. The yoga programme offers therapeutic yoga in both group sessions and on a one-to-one basis. Anticipated outcomes are that patients will benefit from the routine of attending a regular session that is safe, therapeutic and specific to their needs; and that both their physical and mental wellbeing will be improved through the calming and gentle yoga practice.