Vesta – Specialist Family Support

Vesta had previously been known as the Polish Domestic Violence Helpline until 2018 – the name was changed to reflect a wider migrant community that the organisation was increasingly supporting.  It is based in Cheshire, and offers services across England and Wales.  Vesta’s main aims are to empower migrant families in creating a safe and nurturing family environment where people can have healthy relationships with each other.  It offers individual support, online courses, counselling services, and provides support for the victims of abuse as well as working with perpetrators.

In February 2021, Allen Lane Foundation Trustees awarded a grant of £6,000 towards staff salaries and general running costs of this organisation.  Over the following year, expected outcomes of the work of Vesta include that clients will have improved wellbeing and mental health; that victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse will have increased knowledge about the nature of abuse in relationships; and that parents will gain a better understanding of their children’s needs, have improved parenting skills and learn how to create safer and nurturing environments for their children.


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