The Equality Practice

The Equality Practice is a non-profit social enterprise based in Grimsby.  It runs various community development and social inclusion projects to benefit a range of beneficiary groups.  The aim overall is to improve equality and inclusion, celebrate the diversity of different communities and ensure all ‘are treated fairly and equally at all times, and have an equal and fair chance to access life enhancing opportunities, whilst feeling equally valued and experiencing a sense of loyalty and belonging.’

A grant from the Allen Lane Foundation of £14,440 was offered at the June 2019 meeting of Trustees.  The funding went towards the costs of a pilot project, bringing together members of the migrant community with older people in care homes.  The befriending project worked with five care homes, (50 + residents), and 16 migrant members of their community – bringing together people that would otherwise be highly unlikely to meet, but who could benefit in similar ways.  The project not only helped to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, but also helped participants feel valued and more connected in the community.  Furthermore, some residents stated it gave them a sense of purpose, whilst migrants benefited from the opportunity to improve conversational English.  The experience for the elderly and migrants, plus the homes’ management and staff was overwhelmingly positive.

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