The Conversation Group

The Conversation Group is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and works to facilitate a safe for new migrants and longer-term local residents to meet and share language, culture and information.  The Group runs a weekly open-access session, and benefits around 40 people each week.  Benefits include reducing the social isolation of members, helping to build social networks, and improving migrants’ English speaking skills.  The Group also takes part in activities such as tree planting, arts projects and community events.

A grant of £3,360 was awarded to The Conversation Group at the October 2019 Trustee meeting.  This will fund the Group to continue and expand on a pilot project titled ‘Conversations in the Community – make a difference days’.  The project brings together Group members to volunteer and take part in particular activities with six local community organisations.  It will enable new migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and local residents to work together on common projects, learn from one another, and share skills, knowledge, culture and help build friendships and enjoyable experiences.

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