The Common Lot

Based in Norwich, this organisation was established six years ago.  The Common Lot makes theatre with non-professionals of all ages in order to give voice to people, connect communities, and develop understanding across cultural and political divides.  It works within local communities as well as with schools and with different businesses and community groups.

In February 2021 the Allen Lane Foundation offered a grant of £2,500 to The Common Lot.  This will contribute towards costs of a new project in the Mile Cross ward in North Norwich.  The project involves the creation of an international story-telling hub for residents, and will include creative work in primary schools, with people with learning disabilities, a choir, an adults writing group and a youth theatre.  It will also bring together people from the diverse populations living locally including EU migrants, refugees, and BAME communities. Individuals will create and share life experiences either in the form of song, film, theatre or street art, and then shared at six wider events.  The project aims to bring the community together, break down barriers, and improve community relations, as well as boosting the overall image of the area.

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