This organisation aims to support the rights and wellbeing of EU citizens in the UK so that they can continue to live, work and be united with their families, and to reduce the many risks associated with being here unlawfully or unwelcome, following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Settled works nationally, with hubs located in various cities across England. It offers advice, guidance and support with complex legal cases, and supports many thousands of people each year.

At its February Trustee meeting, the Allen Lane Foundation offered a grant totalling £7,000 towards the running costs of this charity. Outcomes expected from the funding include an increased awareness and better understanding of the rights of EU citizens and the difficulties they face; that more EU citizens will secure Pre-Settled and Settled status and where appropriate, be connected to other support; and that Settled will gather reliable data on the EU Settlement Scheme and wider systems around the settlement of EU citizens.

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