Powerfull Beyond all Measure

This organisation is based in Liverpool, in the inner-city area of Everton which has a growing migrant population.  It works on various projects that are aimed at benefitting the local community and improving life for those that live there.  The area has high levels of unemployment, deprivation, and increased levels of tension and hate crime.  It has delivered workshops on schools around diversity, run projects with women mainly from migrant communities, and works to empower families and individuals to make positive changes and overcome barriers in their lives.

At the February 2020 meeting, Trustees agreed a £6,000 grant towards Powerfull Beyond all Measure.  The funding will go towards salary and volunteer costs related to developing a weekly drop-in/play session in a safe environment that will allow people to come together for practical and emotional support. It will also recruit and train a number of volunteer parent peer mentors to establish a cross cultural network of support for families, especially those within the migrant communities. In addition, six workshops will run over the year, with a focus on informing participants about diversity, discrimination and hate crime, and how they can empower themselves and access appropriate support.  Ultimately the project aims to help people feel safe in their community; more connected and supported; and hopefully will result in a decrease in reports of hate crime.

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