POW! Thanet

POW! (Power of Women) Thanet is a registered charity, based in Margate, that was established in 2015. POW! Thanet organises and facilitates community projects that aim to celebrate and explore issues around feminism, women and girls. It runs engagement projects with schools, works with local arts and cultural organisations, and empowers women and girls to participate in the arts through workshops, exhibitions, performances and theatre.

The Allen Lane Foundation has awarded a grant of £5,953 to POW! Thanet. The funding will complete the charity’s budget to establish the Community Programmers Group. This will involve 15-20 women from a range of diverse backgrounds coming together in a series of facilitated sessions. It is hoped that the women will work together, discuss and re-examine pre-conceived views that their communities hold of other communities – and help to dispel feelings of ‘them and us’. It is understood that a shift in opinion held by the women will have a ripple effect, helping to change opinions in families and wider communities. Discussions are likely to include issues such as homelessness, Brexit, unemployment, and youth problems for instance. Outcomes of the work include improved social cohesion across local communities, and that the women will be empowered and unified in positive action.


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