Our Funding

The Allen Lane Foundation funds small registered charities, voluntary groups, and charitable organisations.


We DO NOT make grants to individuals.


We make grants for work across the UK – BUT NOT within Greater London.

We have a new funding programme that focusses specifically on Young People. Please see details here:

We also continue to support funding for six other beneficiary groups as follows: (You can click on the links to access more information.) 

Over a typical year, we make around 130-150 grants, to a total value of between £720,000 and £800,000.

The total amount we can offer is upto £15,000.  This can be over three years, two years, or a single grant. 

However, most grants we make are for much less than this amount, with the average grant size being £5,000-£6,000.

While recognising (and being willing to support) on-going, tried and tested projects, we are also particularly interested in unusual, imaginative or pioneering projects which have perhaps not yet caught the public imagination.

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Application Closing Date

The closing date for new applications for our February trustee meeting is Monday 11th December.

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