News – Change in priorities

The Allen Lane Trustees regularly review the Foundation’s priorities to ensure that they meet the principles of reducing isolation, stigma and discrimination and enable unpopular groups to integrate into communities and society generally.  The reviews take account of the way society may have changed, and/or where a beneficiary group may have developed to the point where it is more accepted within communities. 

In its most recent review, the Trustees have taken the decision that after twenty years directly supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community, it will no longer retain it as one of its specific priorities.  

In that period, there has been a positive increase in society’s acceptance and attitude towards LGBT people and greater awareness of the issues that LGBT people face.

This does not mean that the Foundation will stop funding LGBT organisations or projects, it will continue to accept applications which fall within its other priority groups, for example, older people, people experiencing mental health problems and people suffering violence or abuse.

Since 1996, the Foundation has directly awarded nearly £300,000 to 80 groups and organisations supporting the LGBT community, and there will have been many more grants that crossed-over priorities or provided indirect support.  Many of the grants awarded were to small self-help groups and local projects, but the Foundation also supported a national helpline for LGBT victims of domestic abuse and more recently support for LGBT parents who had adopted or wished to adopt.

Any group or organisation wishing to discuss applications to benefit LGBT communities should contact Tim Cutts at the Foundation –           

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