Migrant Action

Migrant Action is an Advocacy and Rights based organisation. It operates as an independently constituted organisation under the umbrella of the Leeds Christian Community Trust. Migrant Action’s work is mainly with migrants who do not fit into the ‘neat’ categories of migration including those who have fallen through the cracks of the system or are excluded from mainstream society.

It provides information and guidance, advocacy support, and helps new migrants integrate by facilitating access to services. It offers impartial, non-judgemental and non-directive advice and helps individuals explore their options and make informed choices in a safe and trusted space.  Through these packages of support, Migrant Action empowers and helps steer vulnerable migrants away from exploitation, crime and destitution into mainstream society thereby increasing prospects for integration.

In February 2018, Allen Lane offered funding of £1,500 per annum for two  years. This will contribute towards Migrant Action paying the salary of a part-time advocacy worker and related volunteering costs. Overall outcomes for clients supported include; an end to exploitation; increased access to services; improved access to legal advice and advocacy; reduced isolation and increase social participation; and integration and a sense of belonging.


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