START (Survivors Trauma and Abuse Recovery Trust) aims to help people recover from childhood abuse, and lead healthy lives, both physically and mentally. It works to promote recovery from, and raise awareness of, dissociative disorders, which can be the result of chronic childhood sexual or physical abuse.

The Foundation made a two-year grant £4,000pa grant to START in February 2015. The grant was towards general running costs of the charity, to enable it to continue to provide in-depth and long-term support to survivors and offer information, advice and training for carers and professionals. Around 900 people with dissociative disorders benefit currently.

Rape Crisis (Wycombe, Chiltern & South Bucks)

This charity supports female survivors of any form of sexual violence – rape, assault or child sexual abuse – whether historical, recent or current. It offers befriending, counselling face-to-face or on the phone, telephone support, support when going to the police/court/health appointments/form filling, regular self-help/support group meetings, support to non-abusing friends and family of the survivor, talks, training and support to other organisations.

The Foundation made a £5,000 pa grant for two years from October 2014 towards costs of the Independent Sexual Violence Advice (ISVA) service. The ISVA service offers trained support workers who work with multi-agency partnerships to help victims find the advice, advocacy and assistance they need from different agencies. It is a free, independent and open-ended service aiming to help women move from being victims of abuse, to survivors.

Break the Silence

Break the Silence provides free and confidential support services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and rape across East and North Ayrshire. It offers one-to-one support, group work and other therapies which are all geared towards helping people deal with complex issues related to the abuse, and move forward.

The Foundation contributed £7,500 towards the charity’s general running costs in June 2014 to support the work as referrals continue to increase.