Borrowbrook Home Link

This charity works to combat isolation and social exclusion amongst older people living in and around the villages of Ockbrook and Borrowash between Derby and Nottingham.  It organises regular lunch clubs, chair-based exercise and basic computer skills classes, as well as home visits by volunteer befrienders and a bereavement service.  An advice centre is open each day, and more than 250 people are supported each year.

The Foundation offered a contribution of £10,000, split equally over a two-year period starting from February 2016.  This funding is towards the salary of a Project Personal Assistant post.  This role provides the administration of the charity, organises the lunch club and outings, as well as providing advice and listening ear as people drop by for help.

Community Action Machynlleth & District

This charity, known as CAMAD was established to mobilise volunteers to provide help and support, largely to older and less able people. It works around the Machynlleth area of Powys, and helps more than 80 people each week.  Amongst its services, CAMAD runs a community car scheme, a lunch club, a meals on wheels project, and a one-to-one assistance scheme helping with dog-walking, or with shopping for example.

In October 2015, Allen Lane made a two-year grant totalling £7,000 towards CAMAD’s general running costs.  The funding will contribute towards outcomes for people including reduced isolation, improved well-being, and increased volunteering opportunities.

Hands & Gillingham Volunteer Centre

This Volunteer Centre operates across the Medway area of Kent and works in two ways: as a provider of volunteers for organisations who wish to use volunteers in their work; and also through direct service provision via the Hands scheme.  This scheme offers a variety of services in the local community, using its own volunteers to assist elderly, disabled, isolated or otherwise disadvantaged people.  It enables people to volunteer to help others, do something useful, and put something back into the community, and at the same time offering practical help with gardening or transport for example to others.

The Foundation’s grant of £2,500 pa for a two-year period began in October 2015.  The funding is towards a community friendship and befriending scheme which is benefitting older people and people with mental health problems amongst others.  Friendship groups run on a monthly basis in Twydall and Rainham and aim to reduce isolation and improve the quality of life of those attending.


Annan & District Day Centre

This Centre caters for around 100 members and is open four days each week.  It offers a welcoming, friendly and engaging facility for older people living in and around the town of Annan in Dumfries and Galloway.

Allen Lane made a grant of £2,000 in October 2015 which will support the Centre’s training programme for Trustees, staff and volunteers.  This will cover ten in-house training sessions to increase the skills and capacity of those attending.

Campsie Road Over 50s Club

This is a volunteer-led group for older people living in Omagh.  It meets once a week at the British Legion Centre and around 40 people benefit.  The group aims to encourage older people to play an active role in the local community by boosting self-esteem and confidence, and creating opportunities to meet people they normally wouldn’t be able to.  It also aims to lessen people’s isolation.  At the Club, they can take part in a variety of different activities and have access to useful information and advice sessions.

In October 2015, the Foundation made a contribution of £2,000 towards the Club’s general running costs.

Dignity in Dementia

This organisation has been running since 2014, and in October 2015 received funding of £8,610 over a two-year period from the Foundation. Dignity in Dementia aims to provide innovative approaches and support for people with dementia and their carers and runs a carers’ programme, group sessions and training. It aims to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia, reduce hospital admissions, and reduce stigma around the condition. It works across Cumbria.

Funding will contribute towards staffing and travel costs to enable the organisation to give in-depth support to 14 families requiring additional help. It aims to create greater understanding of the needs of the individual and the carers, and provide strategies to promote better well-being for both.

Glencolin Residents Association

This registered charity works to enhance the quality of life of residents of the Glencolin estate in West Belfast. It provides a wide range of services and activities to the whole community including a drop-in, welfare advice and family support service, training courses, community events and various programmes.

The Foundation made a grant of £1,500 in June 2015 towards costs of a specific programme working with older people in the area. The aim is to benefit around 40 older people, and provide activities such as IT courses, armchair aerobics classes, painting classes and a baking club.

Action on Elder Abuse

This national charity focuses exclusively on issues relating to the abuse of older people and provides support to more than 15,000 elderly victims a year.

In its February 2015 meeting of Trustees, the Foundation awarded a grant of £7,902 towards the salary of a helpline operator. The helpline offers compassion, emotional support, a friendly ear and practical advice and solutions to help empower the older person and keep them safe.

Friendship Club

In October 2014, the Foundation contributed £4,000 towards the part-time coordinator at the Friendship Club. The Club organises daily activities for older people at St Albans Community Centre in Smethwick. These activities include bingo sessions, painting, quizzes and gentle exercise, and aim to provide entertainment, enjoyment and fun for people who are otherwise isolated and lonely.

Eastcott Community Organisation

The Foundation offered £2,708 towards costs of Tea and Chat sessions in February 2014. These fortnightly social activities aim to reduce the loneliness and isolation of older people living in the Eastcott area of Swindon, and enable them to meet/make friends.

The grant has covered general costs of the sessions including some special events as well as refreshments, venue and travel costs. It has enabled the community, particularly older people, to get together on a regular basis and participate in activities.