This charity offers a multitude of activities and services for people living in the Byker area of Newcastle.  It works with and directly supports a number of the beneficiary groups which the Foundation funds. It offers a weekly lunch club for older people; runs two LGBT groups, one weekly and one monthly; and runs a weekly group in partnership with another organisation for women as part of their parole conditions, or for women at risk of offending.  In addition, the Centre’s activities help asylum seekers and refugees, Gypsies and Travellers, and people with mental health conditions.

In October 2016, the Foundation agreed a £5,000 grant towards the core costs of running the Centre.  Over the year, the charity aims to develop a fortnightly group working with female sex workers, and increase the current lunchtime provision for older people into a full day’s session.

This organisation is based in Swansea, and works with the LGBT community
across Wales.  It provides advice and support, raises awareness, and
provides assistance around hate crime.

Over the past few years, Unity Group had been seeing increasing numbers
of LGBT asylum seekers coming to the centre in Swansea for support.  In
response, it set up a dedicated group called ‘No Going Back’, which now
meets regularly.  The Foundation awarded £3,500 towards the volunteer
costs, and general running costs of this group.  Volunteers help with
practical assistance, access to immigration legal advisors, social and
cultural support, and regular drop-in sessions.  The intention is to
help asylum seekers as they move through the asylum system, improve
people’s wellbeing and mental health, and help people integrate into the

LGBT Lincs is a constituted group which aims to provide support to parents who have children who identify as LGBTQ.  It is based in Lincolnshire and organises regular meetings for parents to meet up together with others in a similar situation, to share experiences and provide mutual support.

The Foundation offered a grant of £886 in June 2016 towards the running costs of the group.  Over the next year the group aims to expand and run meeting in different parts of the county, increase the numbers of parents and children supported, and also promote awareness of LGBT issues locally.

New Family Social is the UK network for LGBT adoptive and foster families. It provides information and resources to prospective parents and supports those with new families. The charity works nationally from a base near Cambridge.

In February 2016, New Family Social was awarded funding of £7,500 in a single grant towards the costs of a volunteer coordinator. Funding will help the charity to create of a more coordinated volunteering programme; increase the awareness of LGBT adoption and fostering; and help to tackle homophobic discrimination.

Hart Gables works to promote equality and diversity, advance education, eliminate discrimination in relation to LGBT people, and raise awareness of LGBT issues. It provides information, advice, support, one-to-one and group sessions, a hate crime service and a drop-in for people in the Hartlepool area.

The Foundation has offered two years’ funding totalling £4,800 towards costs associated with a sessional worker supporting people who are Transgender. This role is also involved with training and running awareness sessions around Transgender issues and is currently funded for five hours a week.

Allen Lane awarded £1,000 towards general costs of this group in South Devon. Transfigurations supports transgender or gender variant people before, during, or after transition. It offers a helpline, regular meetings, peer support, and practical as well as emotional support to help people come to terms with their problems, accept who they are, and grow in self-esteem and confidence.

Marmalade is a small group based in the West Midlands, which provides support and information to partners, family and friends of people within the transgender community. It aims to alleviate some of the emotional impact and consequent stress for both the individual and those closest to them. The group meets monthly and provides a safe and understanding environment where people can discuss issues and concerns and help each other.

Initially working under the banner of another charity Gender Matters, Marmalade has recently become independent. In February 2015, the Foundation offered £500 to Marmalade to enable the monthly group to continue, and will contribute towards room hire, volunteer expenses and insurance.

Newry Rainbow Community exists to benefit the LGBTQ community in and around Newry in Northern Ireland. It offers a drop-in centre and a variety of services and other activities. The charity aims to provide friendship and support, and aims to lessen the isolation and stigma felt by people in the LGBTQ community.

The Foundation’s grant went towards the rent of its drop-in centre. This was awarded for a two-year period from October 2014, and since then it has moved to more prominent premises in the centre of the town which also have extra space and facilities. Whilst moving, normal services and activities continued to run, and have since been expanded. The charity supported the annual Pride festival and parade in 2015 which has been the biggest yet, and feels that overall “things have really changed for the better in the lives of the local LGBTQ community in Newry compared to even a few years ago”. 

Icebreakers is a self-help group, offering a safe space and supportive network for gay and bi-sexual men. The group meets weekly in central Manchester and provides peer support and assistance in dealing with issues such as coming out, isolation, and homophobia. The Foundation awarded £2,500 over a two-year period towards the venue and costs relating to volunteers in February 2014.