This Group operates as a self-help support group for anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and their carers. It is one of the largest and most long-standing independent groups in the country and has network links with major national charities such as OCD Action and OCD-UK.  The Support Group meets each month in Birmingham, though it caters for members from across a wide area, including Derby, Wolverhampton, Gloucester and Solihull. Meetings provide a friendly and welcoming safe space where members can speak openly about their OCD, and can both gain and give support with others in similar situations.  The Group is user-led and run entirely by volunteers.

In October 2023, Allen Lane has awarded a two-year grant of £1,000 per annum. This is towards the running costs of the Group including venue costs and insurance.  Overall the intended benefits for the members of the group include that they have a better understanding of the group and therefore feel more confident; that they are less isolated through meeting others with similar conditions; and that they have improved social lives and better support.

This Community Centre has been running for 50 years, serving the local people of Mold in north Wales.  It opens every day each week, offering a variety of classes and sessions aimed at meeting local need.  These include a community café, foodbank, yoga, kids clubs and activities, English and Maths lessons and crafts.  It also runs health sessions including physio, cardiac services and counselling. The Centre carried out a consultation locally recently that determined there was a need for additional support and activities for the elderly. Many older people had stated they felt lonely and isolated and there was little available specific to their needs.

£3,536 was granted to Parkfields at the October 2023 meeting.  This funding is contributing towards the salary of a new part-time role of Community Connector, who will develop projects specifically towards older people.  Part of this will be to set the Centre up as a warm hub for those struggling with the high costs of keeping their homes heated. It was also include establishing a befriending service for older people who are house-bound, and running social sessions such as gentle exercise, arts and crafts, and games.  The anticipation is that more than 250 older people will benefit over the year.


This charity works to support women and their families who are affected by postnatal depression.  It offers services in three locations – in Cirencester, Swindon and Dursley – and aims to fill a gap in local provision, working closely with the NHS Perinatal Team.  Shine PND Support provides a wide range of services aimed at improving maternal wellbeing, including drop-in sessions, social and practical support, peer support and therapeutic support.  Overall around 200-250 women each year benefit from some form of support from the charity.

The Allen Lane Foundation made a grant in October 2023 of £3,966.  This funding will contribute towards the running of a 12-week Creative Therapy Course for women affected by postnatal depression.  The Course is designed to boost wellbeing and mental health, and for struggling new mums to meet others in the same situation, creating a community and support network that lasts beyond the end of the course. Sessions combine arts workshops with facilitated peer support.  Outcomes from the work for the women include increased wellbeing, reduced isolation, and increased confidence in parenting.


This charity is based in Taunton, and works with refugees and asylum seekers across a much wider area of West Somerset. Some are accommodated through the dispersal system to the area, and others in a pre-dispersal hotel in the area that houses over 250 asylum seekers. Taunton Welcomes Refugees helps people on a case-by-case basis, aiming to help them with whatever they need.  This includes befriending support, English conversation and social sessions, a signposting service, access to food parcels, household goods and bikes for example.  Regular drop-ins are run for people to access advice and support.

The Foundation has contributed £6,656 over two years towards the salary of the only paid worker, the part-time administrator.  This post provides the administration and infrastructure that enables the volunteers and trustees to run the charity and its services and activities.  The worker is crucial in enabling the work of the charity to run smoothly, effectively and efficiently, and to continue supporting asylum seekers across the area.

Runforever is a non-profit community organisation, set up in Aberdeenshire in March 2023. It seeks to address issues of re-offending and stigma in prison environments and aims to reorientate mainstream goal-oriented rehabilitation programmes towards a practice of freedom and equality. The group promotes a running club as a bridge between the prison and the community that follows pilot schemes overseas and in HMP Grampian at Peterhead in Scotland.  The running club welcomes runners from inside and outside prison, enabling the formation of a community of support and breaking down walls between offenders and the local community.

The project also works with the Media Unit in the prison, and runs a radio show – Runningstories – that gives voice to the stories of the prisoners and non-prisoners that take part, showcasing the positive impact on their health and wellbeing that the project is having. With the same aim of co-creating new forms of value from the inside, it uses the photovoice method in collaboration with RGU University, for capturing runners’ experience of the running club through photos and words.

Runforever applied for funding from Allen Lane at the October 2023 meeting, and received a grant of £3,000.  The funding is towards developing the project and its ongoing costs. Outcomes from the work include improving trust and collaboration between the prison and community, and improving health and wellbeing of prisoners including the quality of their social relationships.

This charity is the national umbrella agency for organisations working with males affected by unwanted sexual experiences.  It has been running for over ten years and has extensive professional experience in the area of sexual abuse and survivor support.  The Partnership is made up of more than 50 member charities and groups that provide support such as therapy, prevention, post-therapy support, and advocacy.  It represents the collective voice for survivor-based organisations, producing research and lobbying the government to improve services for male survivors.

The Allen Lane Foundation awarded a grant of £7,500 to the Partnership in October 2023.  The funding will contribute towards the overall organisation’s running costs.  Anticipated outcomes for the Partnership over the year include more research; further development of the Male Quality Standards; growth of the membership; and work to develop the National Male Survivor Strategy alongside key partners.



Honour Thy Woman was set up by a survivor of domestic abuse who wanted to help other women. The Group is based in Gloucester and works across the county of Gloucestershire.  It supports women and those who identify as women, and also specialises in helping women from asylum seeking communities referred by partner agencies.  The organisation helps to empower women who have been affected by domestic abuse, and helps raise their confidence and self-esteem.  It offers wellbeing activities, peer support groups, advice and guidance and helps reduce isolation as well as giving a new positive focus to the women’s lives. It also acts as an advocate with agencies such as the police, GPs and specialist services.

Funding from the Allen Lane Foundation was requested towards extending the Group’s support more fully into the rural area of the Forest of Dean.  A grant of £5,000 was awarded in the October 2023 meeting.  Funding will contribute to establishing a range of activities and events in the Forest of Dean to raise awareness of the Group and what it can offer. It will support a base to work from in Coleford, and help run outreach activities across the Forest working to engage and support women survivors.  It is anticipated that around 50 women affected by domestic abuse in the area will be reached and assisted.


You Can Flourish was set up in 2015 to respond to a growing number of local girls and young women suffering with low self-esteem and poor wellbeing.  It is based in Leamington Spa, with a reach across Warwickshire.  You Can Flourish helps girls and young women from all walks of life, who are dealing with anxiety, pressures, low self-esteem, and issues that are holding them back from being where they want to be. It offers a key early intervention service to support girls and young women before they reach a point of crisis.  This is provided through various services, one-to-one support as well as group programmes

At the Foundation’s October 2023 meeting, a grant of £4,000 was made towards the organisation’s work with girls who are unable to access school-based support.  The programme works with girls who often have high level complex needs, are more vulnerable to criminal or sexual exploitation, violence, or live in troubled/vulnerable families.  It operates as a mentoring programme, working on a one-to-one basis, and aims to support around 70 individuals over a year.  The programme offers a safe space and to helps the girls to explore their challenges and concerns, improve their confidence and work towards clear, healthy and positive goals.


Napier Friends provides a range of services and activities for people who are seeking asylum and accommodated at Napier Barracks near to Folkestone in Kent. The Barracks can house around 400 people, largely in dormitory accommodation, and is used for single men, generally for two-three months before being moved on elsewhere.  Napier Friends runs session onsite at the Barracks five days a week and at a local hotel where asylum seekers are also housed, and at a community centre. These include English classes, social activities, cooking sessions, a chess club, as well as football and cricket and gardening projects. Volunteers support individuals with general assistance and friendship, and overall aim to help people feel welcomed and supported.

In October 2023, a £5,000 grant was awarded as a contribution towards the salary of a new part-time post. The Inclusion Facilitator will provide casework support for more individuals with more complex needs, and work to engage those people who may be most in need, but not otherwise accessing help.  It is envisaged that the new worker will provide support for around 100 people a year.



Sapcote Memory Hub is a community interest company working across Leicestershire from its venue in the village of Sapcote.  The Hub offers activity sessions and support groups for people living with dementia or memory problems.  It provides cognitive stimulation therapy as part of the sessions which is proven to improve quality of life for older people living with dementia. The hub is run by a team of experienced healthcare professionals with a shared ethos to help improve lives of people with and their dementia.

At the October 2023 meeting of Trustees, the Allen Lane Foundation awarded a grant of £5,000 to the Hub.  This funding is to contribute towards the provision of an outreach service which will support people and families in their homes.  Help will include liaison with health services, guidance on how best family members can support someone with a dementia diagnosis, and assistance with related form-filling and financial aid.