Finding Rhythms

Finding Rhythms aims to change people and society through music.  It has developed a range of music programmes working in prisons and community settings, led by musicians and artists.  Each project involves the participants working together to write and record an album of music which is then professionally produced.  The project has been run at a number of prisons across East Anglia, London and the South East. Outcomes for participants include: experience of working in a high-intensity professional environment; increased ability to communicate and collaborate; improved prospects for employment and further study; increased optimism, positivity and feelings of connectedness to others

Funding of £5,214 over two years has been agreed at the February 2020 Trustee meeting. This grant will contribute directly towards work in HMP Peterborough – within the closed women’s prison.  It will help fund three 36-hour projects benefitting 30-45 women prisoners.

Open Door North East

Based in Middlesbrough, Open Door works across areas of the North East, particularly Teesside and the Tees Valley. It’s core work is to provide advice, information and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers. The charity offers three weekly drop-ins and one-to-one casework throughout the week. Around 900 people benefit over a typical year – and are supported with a whole host of issues including destitution support, benefits advice, finding jobs and training, ESOL, and the provision of a hot meal and weekly food parcels where necessary. A large part of what Open Door does is the provision of asylum and refugee accommodation through a hosting and housing project – this has expanded over recent years, and it now manages 39 houses including three properties that are owned by the charity, acting as a social lettings agent.

In February 2020, Allen Lane Trustees agreed to make a grant of £10,000 to Open Door. The funding will contribute towards general running costs of the charity. Outcomes of the work include that asylum seekers at risk of, or experiencing, destitution will be assessed and registered for support; newly recognised refugees will be supported with welfare, benefits, housing, and employment help; and at least ten additional destitute asylum seekers will be provided with safe, furnished homes.

True Butterflies

True Butterflies is based in Falmouth, and helps people affected by domestic abuse across Cornwall. It offers a safe space where self-esteem and self-confidence can be rebuilt and people can share experiences and talk with other survivors. People benefit from counselling, mentoring, one-to-one support, plus ad-hoc court support, legal advice and help with benefits. The organisation runs workshops aiming to empower parents – they are designed to help them understand how best to support their children through recovery of abuse; to encourage mother/daughter bonds and prevent abuse being ‘normalised’; and help to break the cycle of abusive relationships. They have so far been around martial arts therapy, Cosplay, and Rock School workshops for children.

In February 2020, funding of £3,000 was offered to True Butterflies as a contribution towards its general running costs. Outcome of the work for both adults and children affected by domestic abuse include improved confidence, self-esteem and relationship-building skills.