Lawrence Street Pensioners Club

This Club was set up to provide social support to elderly people in the Lawrence Street area of York around 70 years ago.  It meets in a community hall one afternoon each week, where members play bingo, have a chat, tea and cake, plus another day when it provides a three-course meal.  The Club benefits members through reducing their loneliness and isolation, and giving them a regular social activity to be part of.  It has recently secured funding for a part-time development worker to expand the Club’s activities and provision and attract new members.

In October 2018, the Allen Lane Foundation made a grant to the Club of £1,500. This is a general contribution towards running costs including premises costs.  Over the coming year, the Club expects to have an increase in members, as well as some activities on evenings as well as during the daytime.


Mothers for Mothers 

Mothers for Mothers is a charity in Bristol that assists women affected by Perinatal Mental Illness (PNI).  It has been running for more than 30 years and has developed an extensive range of services and activities aimed at improving the mental health of women affected by PNI.  It offers a helpline seven days each week; a home visiting services; counselling; one-to-one support work; and four peer support groups in different areas of the city. Over the past year it has supported more than 280 women.

The Foundation has awarded a grant of £10,000 towards Mothers for Mothers at the October 2018 meeting of Trustees.  This funding will support core costs of the charity.  Outcomes expected for the women who the charity supports include faster recovery from PNI, increased confidence and resilience, improved relationships with children/families, and improved care.


Acts Fast

Acts Fast was set up to fill a gap in provision in supporting the non-abusive parents, carers and family members in Dorset, whose child or children have been sexually abused.  In many child sex abuse cases, the perpetrators are themselves a family member, which adds to the feelings of guilt and shame felt by the rest of the family, as well as issues resulting from the abuse and related trauma.

Acts Fast was established in 2014, and works alongside others, locally and nationally to raise awareness of child sexual abuse, and strengthen the support available for the non-abusive family members who are affected.  It supports individuals and families together, to work through their emotions and build resilience around the trauma.  It provides one-to-one counselling, as well as individual support sessions which offer practical and emotional support.  More than 130 families have so far been supported and Acts Fast is seeing an increase in referrals.

In October 2018, the Foundation awarded £5,976 to Acts Fast.  This funding will enable the organisation to increase the number and availability of specialist support sessions, and therefore help more families.  Sessions are offered currently in venues in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester.


Burslem Jubilee Project

This Project operates a weekly drop-in session for around 50-60 refugees and asylum seekers, and also runs twice-weekly ESOL classes in Burslem, Stoke on Trent.  Volunteers are on hand to help with practical issues, offer friendship and opportunities to take part in social activities.  Other services attend the drop-in on an outreach basis to offer advice and support – such as Citizens’ Advice, housing teams, the local police, asylum health teams, legal bodies and others.  The ESOL classes partly focus on life skills and information about living in the UK, the local area, training and jobs and benefits around 100 people each year.

At the October 2018 meeting, Trustees awarded the Project a contribution of £3,000 towards its general running costs.  Outcomes of the work include improved communication skills and opportunities to access further education and employment, increased self-confidence, and reduced social isolation.