Byker Community Centre

This charity offers a multitude of activities and services for people living in the Byker area of Newcastle.  It works with and directly supports a number of the beneficiary groups which the Foundation funds. It offers a weekly lunch club for older people; runs two LGBT groups, one weekly and one monthly; and runs a weekly group in partnership with another organisation for women as part of their parole conditions, or for women at risk of offending.  In addition, the Centre’s activities help asylum seekers and refugees, Gypsies and Travellers, and people with mental health conditions.

In October 2016, the Foundation agreed a £5,000 grant towards the core costs of running the Centre.  Over the year, the charity aims to develop a fortnightly group working with female sex workers, and increase the current lunchtime provision for older people into a full day’s session.

About Time

About Time is a volunteer-led organisation, based at a church venue in Plymouth.  It supports asylum seekers and refugees and runs an open drop-in twice a week.  The sessions provide a safe friendly meeting place and opportunities for people to learn and practice English.  About Time runs a time-bank which is open to the local community, where anyone can get involved, share their skills and knowledge, experience and goodwill.

The Foundation has contributed £3,032 to About Time in October 2016.  This will fund the costs of providing English classes at one of the drop-ins each week, and enable around 50 people over the year to benefit.

Oasis Community Project East Hastings

This Project is based in the Broomgrove Community Centre in Hastings, in an area known as the Ore Valley.  It supports people in need, particularly the elderly and disabled, and provides a support system to vulnerable residents.  The project organises and delivers activities and outings including craft sessions, walking groups, lunches, quiz nights and reminiscence sessions.

In October 2016, the Allen Lane Foundation has offered funding of £3,120.  This will contribute towards the salary of the Project Manager – the charity’s only paid staff member.  The aim is to continue to reach older people within the community, and improve their health and well-being.

Alternatives to Violence Project, Cymru

This organisation is part of the national Alternatives to Violence Britain charity, and works across Wales.  It works to reduce violence in homes, communities and prisons by supporting people in disadvantaged situations to manage personal conflicts and build healthier relationships.  It runs workshops, both in the community and in prison settings, which aim to equip people with practical and valuable life-skills, improved communication and self-awareness, so that they can avoid conflict without resorting to violence.

Allen Lane has awarded £10,750 to the Project in October 2016.  This grant is towards the role of a part-time development officer.  The funding will allow the worker to recruit volunteer facilitators to run further workshops, and strengthen the organisation and extend its work.

Hull Lighthouse

Hull Lighthouse’s aims are to offer friendship, advice and the opportunity to change, to women working in prostitution, and other vulnerable women, with an ultimate goal of seeing them leave this lifestyle and healed of their spiritual, emotional and physical hurts.
The charity supports around 100 vulnerable women each year. It is the only holistic outreach service in Hull specifically targeting street-based prostitution and supports 90% of the women on the streets.

The Allen Lane Foundation has awarded a grant of £6,000 towards the core costs of running Hull Lighthouse. The grant has been made in October 2016, and will enable the charity to work towards ongoing sustainability.