Dignity in Dementia

This organisation has been running since 2014, and in October 2015 received funding of £8,610 over a two-year period from the Foundation. Dignity in Dementia aims to provide innovative approaches and support for people with dementia and their carers and runs a carers’ programme, group sessions and training. It aims to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia, reduce hospital admissions, and reduce stigma around the condition. It works across Cumbria.

Funding will contribute towards staffing and travel costs to enable the organisation to give in-depth support to 14 families requiring additional help. It aims to create greater understanding of the needs of the individual and the carers, and provide strategies to promote better well-being for both.


Home-Start Goole & District

This charity has been providing advice and support to families in Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire for more than 20 years. It recruits and trains volunteers to visit families in their homes and helps with situations such as isolation, bereavement, debt, housing issues and mental illness.

In October 2015, the Allen Lane Foundation awarded a £3,000 grant towards a pilot weekly peer support group for families from the growing migrant communities in the area. The work aims to reduce the isolation of migrant families, help people to access other local services and agencies, and ultimately improve their integration.



Karibu seeks to improve the lives of African and refugee women and their families by creating a place where they can meet and support one another. It aims to empower vulnerable women to engage with services and increase their self-esteem and confidence. Based in Glasgow, Karibu provides advice and information and opportunities to learn new skills – in sewing, computers, catering as well as through providing ESOL and volunteer and work placements.

At the October meeting in 2015, the Foundation awarded a £3,500 grant to Karibu, to contribute towards the volunteer coordination and help with running costs.



Over the past twelve years, Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers has developed a wide range of face-to-face support services to help people, particularly those who find themselves destitute and without statutory support. It works across Leeds and operates a weekly drop-in, regularly accessed by 120-150 people. The drop-in has evolved into a successful multi-agency format enabling attendees to access other relevant services. It offers access to humanitarian basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing, and assistance to get people back into the asylum system and out of destitution.

The Foundation has awarded a £10,000 grant, payable in two instalments from October 2015. The grant will contribute towards the salary of a part-time destitution caseworker.