Cohort 4

This organisation aims to provide support for individuals involved in abusive situations who want to make a positive change for themselves; and to support and inform those who work with them. Based in Atherstone in the West Midlands, it offers specific projects as well as one-to-one assistance, aiming to help men, women and children to deal with domestic abusive both in terms of being victims/survivors, and perpetrators.

In June 2015, the Foundation offered a two-year grant totalling £4,278 towards a new support group specifically for women who are in, or who have survived, abusive relationships. The group ‘Slip & Stitch’ will incorporate dressmaking, knitting and garment-making and enable the women to learn new skills, the potential to sell their products and potentially set up a cooperative. It will also offer peer-support and aims to boost confidence and well-being.


TravellerSpace is a charity based in Penzance, which was established to support Gypsies and Travellers in Cornwall and the South West. It helps people to access services and opportunities available to the wider community, and to have a voice in decision and policy-making decisions. The charity works with more than 300 individuals a year and runs various sessions, groups and projects.

Funding has been made totalling £6,000 over two years which is contributing towards the rent of premises for TravellerSpace.

Plymouth Mental Health Network

This group is a member-led network of around 70 active organisations working to improve mental health services in the area and to ensure that mental health and well-being needs are appropriately addressed. It meets monthly and holds an annual regional conference, and offers a central resource and way to share knowledge, expertise and best practice.

The Network responds to requests from members and new ideas and projects. It applied to Allen Lane for £600 to set up a choir/singing group specifically for people with mental health problems following a surge of interest locally. The grant was made in June 2015 to enable to group to begin. It will offer a meaningful and fun social activity and aims to boost the well-being of participants.

Solas Moyle

This is a charity in Ballycastle on the north-eastern coast of Northern Ireland. It offers one-to-one support, counselling and group-work with the aim of improving people’s mental health and physical and emotional well-being. The goal is to help people to tackle the root causes of their problems, as well as improving confidence and self-esteem. The charity had been set up as a response to the rising suicide rate in the area.

Since inception, Solas Moyle had been run on a voluntary basis and had arrived at a critical point – to adapt further to meet the need. In June 2015 the Foundation contributed £1,200 towards the costs of a consultant who will assist the charity in identifying what is needed to move forward, to strengthen the organisation, and increase its capacity.

Glencolin Residents Association

This registered charity works to enhance the quality of life of residents of the Glencolin estate in West Belfast. It provides a wide range of services and activities to the whole community including a drop-in, welfare advice and family support service, training courses, community events and various programmes.

The Foundation made a grant of £1,500 in June 2015 towards costs of a specific programme working with older people in the area. The aim is to benefit around 40 older people, and provide activities such as IT courses, armchair aerobics classes, painting classes and a baking club.

Shirley Community Chaplaincy

This is a relatively new charitable organisation which works in and around Newcastle. It aims to provide mentoring support to prisoners on release from prison, to help them build a new life, and prevent re-offending. It focuses on long-serving prisoners, particularly those who no family, or who have lost contact with their families. People are referred from prison chaplains and prison officers to the scheme.

£4,000 was awarded to the organisation in June 2015, as a contribution towards the part-time Community Chaplain post. The worker meets people as they are released, and works with them to build a supportive network in the community. The aim is also to set up a self-help group for ex-offenders who have successfully settled into the community to help and support others as they are released.

Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group

The Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group provides a range of services and projects, and offers vital advice and information. It has over 25 years’ experience and expertise working with the Gypsy and Traveller community, and is an advocate for the community in relations with local authorities and other statutory services. It works to secure site provision in the county, seeks to improve health and education access and provision, and provides welfare and other advice to community members.

The Allen Lane Foundation made a grant of £10,000 split over a two-year period from June 2015. The grant is towards costs of employing a dedicated worker to manage the Group’s telephone helpline, ensuring a consistent level of support to people calling for assistance.

Azadi Trust

Azadi Trust is an umbrella organisation which looks after a number of small local projects, including the Hope Therapeutic Garden. The Garden provides a safe, accessible and friendly space in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, for people take part in gardening activities.
Around 50 people benefit each year, the majority of whom are destitute asylum seekers. They are taught horticultural skills, about growing and cooking healthy food, and are encouraged to practise their English and access other support. People make friends and offer one another support, thus improving their mental health and general wellbeing.

At the June 2015 meeting, the Foundation’s Trustees agreed a £1,000 grant to contribute towards the general running costs of the Garden.

Sussex Prisoners’ Families

This organisation was set up in 2013 to support families in Brighton, West and East Sussex to cope with the emotional and practical issues which can arise when a family member is imprisoned. Help is available at the earliest opportunity through direct contact at court, and as they progress through the criminal justice system. Sussex Prisoners’ Families provides information, advice and guidance and signposting to local community-based services to en-sure families can access the help and support they need.

£7,000 was offered to this organisation at the June 2015 meeting of Trustees. The funding will contribute towards salary costs of a Court Family Support and Outreach Worker, and some associated costs. This role will recruit, train and supervise volunteers, provide addi-tional support to referrals made by court volunteers, and access further opportunities to de-velop the scheme further.