Prison Fellowship Northern Ireland

Affiliated to Prison Fellowship International, this charity works in and around the three prisons in Northern Ireland. It challenges people’s behaviour to prevent re-offending, runs preventative programmes and the Sycamore Tree restorative justice programme, and works with families of those incarcerated.

The Allen Lane Foundation awarded £10,000 funding, split equally over two years in February 2015. The grant is specifically for support work with women prisoners at Hydebank Wood, including life-skills workshops, restorative interventions, and mental health support. The aim is to support vulnerable women, improve their mental health, and make a positive improvement on their lives, leading to reduced offending.


Marmalade is a small group based in the West Midlands, which provides support and information to partners, family and friends of people within the transgender community. It aims to alleviate some of the emotional impact and consequent stress for both the individual and those closest to them. The group meets monthly and provides a safe and understanding environment where people can discuss issues and concerns and help each other.

Initially working under the banner of another charity Gender Matters, Marmalade has recently become independent. In February 2015, the Foundation offered £500 to Marmalade to enable the monthly group to continue, and will contribute towards room hire, volunteer expenses and insurance.

East Notts Traveller Association

This group aims to improve the quality of life for the Gypsy and Traveller community across Nottinghamshire. It offers advocacy and support services to individuals, and a telephone helpline and helps more than 300 people a year. It also runs awareness sessions in schools and other local venues, to increase understanding of the issues the Gypsy and Traveller community face and to combat stigma.

In February 2015, the Foundation gave a £1,000 grant as a contribution towards the Association’s travel and volunteer expenses.