You Can Flourish

You Can Flourish was set up in 2015 to respond to a growing number of local girls and young women suffering with low self-esteem and poor wellbeing.  It is based in Leamington Spa, with a reach across Warwickshire.  You Can Flourish helps girls and young women from all walks of life, who are dealing with anxiety, pressures, low self-esteem, and issues that are holding them back from being where they want to be. It offers a key early intervention service to support girls and young women before they reach a point of crisis.  This is provided through various services, one-to-one support as well as group programmes

At the Foundation’s October 2023 meeting, a grant of £4,000 was made towards the organisation’s work with girls who are unable to access school-based support.  The programme works with girls who often have high level complex needs, are more vulnerable to criminal or sexual exploitation, violence, or live in troubled/vulnerable families.  It operates as a mentoring programme, working on a one-to-one basis, and aims to support around 70 individuals over a year.  The programme offers a safe space and to helps the girls to explore their challenges and concerns, improve their confidence and work towards clear, healthy and positive goals.