The Maggie Oliver Foundation

The Maggie Oliver Foundation works to support adults who had been victims of child sexual abuse. Named after its founder, a former detective who exposed the Rochdale grooming scandal after she resigned from the police force over ten years ago, the Foundation is based in Manchester but has a national reach. It provides support in a range of services including a listening ear phoneline, advocacy for survivors through any legal process they wish to take, and through trauma-focussed group therapy. One-to-one support is provided throughout the engagement and the charity works with survivors of child sexual abuse across the UK. It also works to advocate for better services and improved support structures to be available to survivors of child sexual abuse.

The Allen Lane Foundation agreed a grant totalling £7,800 at the October 2021 Trustee meeting. This funding is to fund core costs including phoneline costs, website and IT support including for the charity’s database and systems that enable it to work more effectively. Overall, the outcomes of the Foundation’s work are that more survivors are heard, supported and guided on their recovery journey; that there are positive changes in policy and practice by statutory authorities to improve support to survivors; and that there is increased accountability for those with responsibility for survivors of child sexual abuse.