Restore & Resettle

R&R is a drop-in centre for ex-offenders.  It offers a complete advice and guidance service, from claiming benefits, completing forms, and using a telephone.  Staff and volunteers help boost life skills and well-being through training courses, gardening, a range of activities and offering employability support.  The centre is located in Hull and sees people referred from a number of other organisations and through word-of-mouth.  The ultimate aim is to keep people from re-offending and to gain employment through showing them encouragement; that there are positive alternatives to their destructive lifestyles; and giving support and help to change. R&R helps people to tackle their issues and re-build their lives.

The Foundation provided funding in October 2015 towards costs relating to a café and sandwich delivery enterprise.  A grant of £4,100 was made, which will enable the enterprise to develop, and offer opportunities for people to increase their skills and gain some qualifications, work as a team, and also learn about growing and cooking food and healthy eating.