Allen Lane Foundation Privacy Notice

Who are we?

We are the Allen Lane Foundation. Our aim is to encourage or enable unpopular groups to
share in the life of the whole community; that will make a lasting difference to people’s lives;
and is aimed at reducing isolation, stigma and discrimination. We fund groups and
organisations across the UK. We are a registered charity in England and Wales (number
248031). Our principal office address is: 90 The Mount, York, YO24 1AR.

What data we need

If you apply to us for funding, we will ask for the following information:
Name of charity, registered charity number, contact name, title, telephone number, email
address, charity address and postal address. We will also ask for details of the
organisation’s bank account for payment to be made by BACS or cheque, if successful.

Why we need it

We need this information to assess your proposal and liaise with you regarding further
information and/or setting up a visit to the charity.

We may use the information for the purposes of internal audit, monitoring the fairness of,
and trends in, application decisions and for statistical purposes.

We will not collect any personal data from you that we do not need for these purposes.

How we hold your personal information

Your data will be processed by our Foundation staff, who is based at the Foundation’s
principal office address in the UK. The data we process will be held internally on our own
managed systems.

We are committed to storing data securely wherever it is held, and ensuring it is only
accessible to the Foundation staff and the Allen Lane Foundation trustees.

Who we share it with

The information is not shared with any other external organisations or individuals. There are
two exceptions to this; if the applicant has given consent to the Foundation staff for their
contact details to be provided to another charitable trust or foundation who may be able to
give them funding support and to possibly be invited to the Foundation’s Lecture, which is
generally held annually.

How long we keep your information

Unsuccessful applications
We keep these for up to six months after they have been received so that the Foundation
staff and the trustees have had time to review them, make a decision about whether they will
or will not receive a grant and for the Foundation Manager to notify the applicant of the
decision. The hard copies of these applications are disposed of safely.

Successful applications
The hard copy application form is kept at the Foundation’s principal office, although
temporarily applications will be taken from the office by staff working from home or during
applicant visits. Trustees conducting visits will be provide with copies for the purpose of the
visit and then destroyed.

The Foundation retains the successful applications for a period of six years from the date
received to allow for any evaluation / dissemination activity, and in compliance of regulations
laid out be HMRC. At the end of this time the hard copy documents are disposed of safely,
along with any other documents generated during the term of the project.

Basic details of all applications and decisions are retained on the Foundation’s database for
archive purposes.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions about the personal data we hold about you or how we use it you
can contact our Executive Secretary who will make every effort to help you.

Executive Secretary
Allen Lane Foundation
90 The Mount
Yo24 1AR

If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are not complying with the law when
using your personal data, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Visit

Date: 23 May 2018

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